All household air conditioners (under 12kW cooling) must comply with the Energy Information (Household Air Conditioners) (No 2) Regulations 2005. This regulation implemented the energy labelling for air conditioners. The key points are: 

  1. The manufacturers have an obligation to provide Energy Labels to dealers for their product
  2. The design of the label must comply with the Regulations and include the energy efficiency class of A to G
  3. The information provided on the energy label must be measured in accordance with the harmonised standard EN 14511

How to read Energy Rating Label?

    1. Brand Name
    2. Model Name
    3. Energy Level
    4. Reference Number
    5. Other useful information


    Why is Energy Label necessary?

    It allows consumers to compare the energy efficiencies of the air conditioning from different manufacturers based on their performances benchmarked against a harmonised test standard, namely EN 14511.

    Research shows that 87% of British consumers are aware of the A-G standards.  97% of European consumers understands that A is the most energy efficient appliance rating.

    Why is correct Energy Labels important to retailers?

    A dealer or retailer must by law provide information required to be on the energy labels clearly and visibly at the point of sale whether online or offline. The energy class should of course conform to EN 14511.

    What information is required on the label?

    • Supplier’s name or trade mark.
    • Model   
    • Energy efficiency class (A-G)   
    • Indicative annual energy consumption, assuming full load at 500 hours per year.
    • Cooling output in kW at full load.
    • The EER (energy efficiency ratio) in cooling mode at full load  
    • Type of appliance: cooling only, cooling/ heating  
    • Cooling mode: air cooled, water cooled  
    • Noise rating, where applicable  

    For air conditioners with a heating capability, also:

    • Heat output in kW at full load.
    • The COP (coefficient of performance) in heating mode & energy efficiency class (COP = 1 if resistive element heater)
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