Dehumidifiers are generally rated by their daily extraction rates at a certain temperature and relative humidity. Desiccant dehumidifiers were born in Japan and has always been measured and tested under ambient conditions of 60% RH and 20C

All EcoAir's desiccant dehumidifiers are tested under this condition. You may notice that this is our typical autumn and winter parameters.

It is quite important to understand that compressor dehumidifiers have always been measured under different ambient conditions of 80% RH and 30C. You will now notice that there is quite a big difference in the ambient conditions. You may also notice that in the UK we count ourselves "lucky" when this conditions occur.

So how do we compare a desiccant to compressor type when it comes to it?  Here's a simple rule of thumb:-

Desiccant Dehumidifier 6 to 7 Litres per day are comparable to compressor dehumidifier types up to 15 Litres per day.  

Features of our desiccant dehumidifiers explained...

Rotary Dial Control Panel
With a rotary dial control panel, you can set the humidity level between 35 per cent - 80 per cent RH. A guidance for your humidity setting for low, medium, high & laundry (continuous) drying is marked.

Anti Tilt Protection
Safety is regarded as a top priority when selecting your dehumidifier.
All our desiccant dehumidifiers are equipped with a Tilt Safety Protection where it powers off automatically when the unit tilts over to safeguard you and avoid hazard.

Built in Ioniser for air purification & Silver Filter that kills bacteria on contact.

Auto Restart Function
The dehumidifier automatically restarts after a power failure. Once the power is restored, the dehumidifier will continue to operate at the previous setting.

Channels airflow over a Wide area or Spot to optimise efficiency when the need arises. Use Wide channel to improve even distribution and Spot channel to pinpoint problem areas like a mold growth on the wall.



Portability is an important consideration when purchasing a dehumidifier. You may want to move the dehumidifier from room to room.
Whilst the the DD1 Simple lightweight at 6 kg, it is equipped with a collapsible carry handle to make portability more manageable.

Side Panel Water Tank Position
The water tank is on the side of the dehumidifier, so there is no need to move the dehumidifier when removing the tank to empty.

Continuous Drainage Option
Optional continuous drainage to a drain or sink to save emptying the tank regularly.

Economy and Turbo Functionality
ECONOMY - maximum energy saving and quiet operation. Use for normal daily routine and night time.
TURBO - for rapid dehumidification of high humidity or severe damp problems. Once damp problem is controlled, switch back to Economy for energy saving.

Set medium (2 water droplets icon) to set at approximately 50 per cent RH. Set Laundry for drying clothes and so on. But remember to set back to medium after using the laundry mode.

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